Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Throw in some more GREEN

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For St. Paddy's day , "littlerottenrobin" baked these cupcakes. They are Orange cake on bottom with Classic White cake on the top, with Lime Curd frosting. I can't believe March is halfway over, I have more green cupcakes to show off! The years just go by quicker and quicker.

Last night was the first Level 2 class I've taken since November. It was my FAVORITE class to take. It is taught by Susan "Lip" Orem who runs a retreat house in the Catskills, Heathen Hill Yoga. I love Lip, she's a maniac! A brilliant, knowledgable, hilarious maniac. You've never had an instructor like her before let me tell ya!

Her classes are very unpredictable. You don't know what to expect each time you practice with her. Every class is completely different. I credit Lippy for helping me advance as much as I have and in building my confidence. I have learned SO much from her.

Have I mentioned she's a maniac? Here's an example. Class last night was about backbends and opening up the rib cage. So to warm up, no sun salutations needed, here was our warmup vinyasa, picture your mat is against the wall and you're facing the wall:

-Down dog
-Handstand (kick up w/ right leg)
-Down dog
-Forearm stand (kick up w/ right leg)
-Down dog
-Down dog

Repeat on the left side. Oh yeah, we had straps tied around our forearms to keep our elbows from flaying out. We did this a couple of times. I discovered that I can kick up into forearm stand with my left AND my right leg. Usually we favor one side when kicking up into inversions. Handstands, not so much, I still gotta work on kicking up with the right leg. The rest of class was spent mostly either in some form of Supta Virasana* with bolsters and blankets and blocks or in different types of full wheel.

The tops of my thighs today feel like a ton of lead. I honestly don't know how I'm going to get through class tonight but I'll manage.

*I really hate this pose. I will probably go into it more on a later date.

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Regina Clare Jane said...

Wow- sounds like an amazing class! I wish we did more inversions in my classes, but I try to do them at home if I am feeling good and strong. I would like try that little vinyasa though...
Ah, Supta Virasana- I have a love/hate relationship with this pose- sometimes it feels so good and other times- not so good. But I am really starting to love it even when I hate it! Would love to hear more about your thoughts on it!
BTW- I had a great class this morning which made me feel awesome! Stuck every balancing pose- even Natarajasana (Lord of the Dance Pose)!