Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Know when to say when?

Hello! It has been a few days since an update. I haven't had much to say lately but rest assured I'm still here and I still go through my list of links DAILY!

I had a class last night that focused on twisting, I like to twist, it makes me feel like a big sponge being rinsed out. However, there were some awkward moments. There is an article in the recent Yoga Journal about knowing your limits and accepting them. It was an eye-opener and it's helped me think differently about things. In this instance I'm thinking about binding. Some binds I do fine, others I can't even imagine wraping my arm around a bent leg and clasping my hand behind my back in a twist. I'm the only one going for a strap. Maybe I'm not built to reach that way? How do I know for sure? I don't want to pop something trying to reach ya know?

I don't want to say I hate binding but it is definitely one of my weaker areas. Another weak area for me is arm balances. I can do Crow and that's about it, on a good day I can do Side Crow on my right side but a lot has to happen for that pose to work. Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana) in yesterday's class did not happen. Attempting to do arm balances and binds is when I'm faced with my insecurity about my weight the most. I think If my hips/butt/thighs weren't so big, I could reach!. These thoughts are never going to go away, I know this but I do find myself not clinging to it so much. I just kind of say "Oh well" and move on until next time.

Do you know what's hard? Standing on your hands and bringing one leg down to a 90 degree angle and then twist. It is soooo difficult to draw your leg to just a 10 degree angle and not want to come down completely. My poor abs were getting a workout last night that's for sure. While doing this, I briefly managed to balance off the wall completely. It was the action of lifting my leg back up that did something to just pull everything upward where just for a couple of seconds, my alignment upsidedown was perfect and then my heels hit the wall again but it did make me think "Oh!". So that was my class last night. Looking forward to doing it all again tonight.


Regina Clare Jane said...

I love twists, too, but we don't do many binds at my studio. That's why I like trying out different studios, just to get some variation.
I have never even attepted Side Crow so the fact that you could even balance for a couple of seconds was terrific!
I think we all have these little running critiques that go thorugh our heads when we have difficulty in a pose... that's normal. But as you said, we need to just acknowledge the thought and then let it go... good for you.
I am hoping I can really learn a lot from my upcomng workshop- I should have some great stories to share!
Hope your class tonight was good!

Nadine Fawell said...

Hi Marilyn!
It seems I am becoming your most avid reader.
Kelly McGonigal, on her site, Open Mind, Open Body, explores the idea that frustration with our practice can be a form of steya (coveting/stealing). It's really interesting reading, I know I regularly need a wake up call in this department, although you seem to be doing pretty well!
It's at:

bonnie said...

mmmm twists I love twists. I know when I have pushed myself to far in twists, I start to hold my breath. Now that I know that thats what I do its easy to look for

Health Bites said...

I love twists too but am not very strong on my arms yet. My teachers keep telling us to be aware of our limits too and no matter what stage you are at, your practice is perfect for that moment. What is the "standing on the hands" pose? Is it anything like headstand?

Cupcakes & Yoga said...

HB, I was referring to a regular handstand. My instructor will just say to everyone "Ok stand on your hands now" so that's where I got it from. :)

MICHELLE said...

I got a headrush just reading this. I think I'll have a cupcake.

Michelle :)