Friday, March 2, 2007

Save the drama for your Dharma!

Last night's theme in class was "Drama" meaning the chaos we have going on in our lives. The instructor spoke on a personal note that there are things going on in her life and mentioned that she notices drama going on with other people she knows and a lot us sat there and knodded in agreement as a lot of us are feeling in the same boat. I know I am. So she discussed a little about how we perceive the drama that comes into our lives and how do we handle it. Do we tense up and get super moody and confrontational or do we stand back and say "Ok, how am I going to get past this?" and approach it mindfully and not so much emotionally. I'm a very emotional person and my first reaction to bad stuff is "#@$ %#&@!!!!!" and fly off the handle.

So throughout class we were reminded about what we where thinking in the more awkward poses. There was one point during class we were doing a variation of Dolphin where we're up in Dolphin then come forward in a plank then back up again and we did this several times and the instructor teasing said "What if I decide to make you do this for the rest of the class? What are you gonna do?" and I thought "I'm gonna roll up my mat and get the heck out of here!" It's easy to be in Supta Baddha Konasana and feel like all is right in the world. There are poses where I think "Hurry up! It's been more than 5 breaths!!!" but as soon as those thoughts come up, I try to shut them out and focus either on my third eye or my breathing. If I'm choosing to be in class, then I'm choosing whatever comes my way during those 90 mintues. I don't always expect it to go my way because that's not life. Life doesn't always go your way and a yoga class isn't always going to be all your favorite poses but you continue to go right? You do those challenging poses you don't like because ultimately, you know you'll get through it, it's only for a short moment of time and you'll get through it, just like in life I guess. God I love yoga!!


Regina Clare Jane said...

Such a good post, Marilyn. I am very emotional, too- but I can also be very remote about my feelings, like nobody can hurt me, that doesn't phase me. I have to strike a good balance between them both.
Your teacher sounds wonderful- that's what supposed to happen during yoga- that union we are trying to achieve should be tested and given options and solutions. It works for poses but it also works in life as well.
God- I love yoga, too!
Was this class at your regular studio or a different one?

Health Bites said...

What an awesome post! In my class today, I was thinking about how hard headstand was but then just kept going (as best as I could) and thought along the lines of "this too shall pass". It's too easy to just pack up and walk away. I really like your blog. Cheers.

jessica said...

this is good.
reminders of life in yoga class is awesome.