Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Friday, October 26, 2007

Lip Balm

Fred Flare has turned 1 years old today and they are offering a free piece of cake with every purchase...not a real cake, its a Cake Pouch. So if you're gonna purchase something, let it be this: Petit Four Lip Balm Set! Can you say C-U-T-E?????

Ok, so a quick yoga mention, while my right hip has not flared up in quite a while, standing forward bends with my right leg extended forward has been feeling funky. Is this gonna be a regular thing for me now? Hmmm...

Monday, October 22, 2007

spring bouquet in the fall?

No water required. Sunlight not needed. This has to be one of my favorite cupcake images ever!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Time for sweets!

It is a lazy Sunday and it has been almost a month since my last cupcake entry and you deserve one since you have been soooo sweet to me in my occasional emotional breakdowns I have on here.

First, I discovered a new cupcake blog!

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in New Jersey.

Also on the blog front, one of my new FAVORITE blogs has posted a Carrot Cupcake recipe. I love Girl Wanders, she inspires me to cook more if only I can kick my boyfriend out of the kitchen. He doesn't trust me near a stove or with knives.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pandora's Box

Yup, Pandora's Box was opened last night during yoga class and a whole bunch of bad stuff came out. Long story short, we paired up (which I have expressed on here that I haaaaaaaaaaaaate) and did a drop back into full wheel and then come right back up. After doing this twice, the third time my partner dropped me right on the top of my head. I'm friends with the person I was paired up with which is why I even bothered, if it would have been anyone else I would have opted out.

Before doing it a third time I told her that I was tired and I didn't want to do anymore but she insisted I try one more.....she was trying to be supportive and encouraging. I don't know how it happened, but I was in wheel and she went to pull me up and I went right back down.

It wasn't a big spectacle, I was fine, it didn't even hurt actually but I was embarrassed, really embarrassed, although I don't think anyone else saw this except my partner and my teacher. She ran over to make sure I was ok and I said I was in as few words as possible because I didn't want to make a scene. That's when I felt my eyes water and my throat get tight. I had to leave the room to compose myself.

I went to the bathroom and BURST into tears. I have told my friend/partner once before that I don't like pairing up because I'm usually the biggest girl in the room and I'm afraid I will hurt someone. She hates when I talk like that because she doesn't think there's anything wrong with me. Whatever. So by this happening just stirred up every negative thought and emotion I have about myself that I have been trying to erase. I hate it. I splashed some water on my face and went back but the rest of class was kind of ruined for me.

My friend tried to catch me afterward but I jetted out of the studio because I didn't want to talk to anyone as I started crying again and didn't want anyone to see me. I'm ok I guess, still upset and wondering what can I do to make myself happy with my body. It's gonna take more than just yoga.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

*Yoga Hands & Feet*

I don't mind using straps in class when needed, if we're doing leg stretches of the sort but man does the gripping hurt my hands. I'm wondering what can I do about that? I doubt it's arthritis (eep!) and my hands don't usually bother me in any other instance, just when I'm gripping and pulling on a strap. The only thing I can really think of to strengthen your hands is to squeeze one of those stress balls but is there anything else?

A new thing my teacher is making us do is Ardha Matsyendrasana a different way:

What you see this lady doing is how I usually do this pose and how most people do this pose. Notice where her left foot is. Now check this guy out:

Where is his foot (in this case the right)? Oh yeah, he's SITTING on it! The foot is suppose to stay flexed while one cheek sits on your heel and the other sits on the ball of your foot. Good luck with that! It's murder on my feet and my poor, poor pinky toes. They have not forgiven me for doing this to them. This, along with Supta Virasana, may be something that'll take years if ever to master.