Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yoga on the Brain

I have been snowed in on this little island called Manhattan for the last 2 days. I was hoping to go home last night but no luck. I stayed in the city and took in a class. Lets back up a bit, I had a VERY stressful day at the office where I was in the worst mood, sounds like a class is what I need right? I jumped into a Level 1 class as it was a convenient time for me. Class was ok, nothing too challenging but my mind (that jerk mind of mine) kept wanting to do MORE! Almost as if I needed to feel something physically happening to my body in order release some stress. A good side stretch, a crazy twist, sweating! Nope. The instructor had other plans and I was in a class intended for beginners.

Finally, we did the most difficult post of the class.....Savasana. The pose that we sometimes forget is a pose. It's the part of the class we look forward to because it feels sooooooo good. Right! Not tonight! I laid there and I completely lost my mind. Instead of quieting the mind, it got loud and fast - I couldn't catch it. Song lyrics, movie quotes, random images and past experiences flipped through my mind like you flip though a magazine in a hurry. Of course I'm getting restless wondering why my mind is bugging out so much? Before you knew it, it was time to wiggle your fingers and toes, Where did my Savasana go????

The February issue of Fit Yoga Magazine has an article named Mind Games: Is your brain as flexible and strong as your body? I haven't read it yet, but my first answer is NO! Now this experience has happened before. Fortunately I have experienced true Savasana so it's even more frustrating when I bring the troubles of my day into class and let it take over. I end up missing out on the dessert portion of class. What's said is done and another lesson has been learned.


Regina Clare Jane said...

I can see where you are going with this, though. So many times I have gone into classes with my little agendas, only to discover that my agenda means nothing in this sacred space I find myself in... all that stuff from my day, my past, the world around me, goes out the window in this little piece of heaven I call my yoga studio. And yup, sometimes I miss out on heaven... but at least I know its there, waiting for me to try again.
My brain is definitely not as flexible as my body- but it's getting there!
Great post!

yogaglamgirl said...

I'm really enjoying reading your truth and your process on and off the mat. Savasana is a challenge for sure! Not always the cute little desert (I like that analogy..cupcake perhaps? :) ) we want it to be. Hope tomorrow's work day is a little easier on you. Also hope you stay warm over there.