Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cupcake Usage!

It can be challenging to mix cupcakes with yoga, really it is! I have been asked to photograph myself doing a tricky pose while eating a cupcake, I will but I haven't figure out what yet. But here's some cupcake cuteness I came across on the interweb that can help bring about bliss and soothiness (new word?) to anyone. First, make yourself some chai tea, and maybe keep it in this cute Hand-painted Cupcake Teapot....

Then chill out, have a sip, light some candles and keep them in, ah ha! Cupcake Candleholders from Crate & Barrel

Ok they're kinda meant for birthday candles but you can figure something out.

My class last night was pretty good, my mind was definitely more calm this time around even when it came time to do some binding. I'm not a very good binder. Certain binds are ok but others, especially if a twist is involved (ie: seated spinal twist) or wrapping my arm around a bent knee like in Marichyasana I seems impossible for me to do. I don't know if it's because my shoulders aren't open, my limbs too short or if they are too chubby.


Regina Clare Jane said...

Hmm... well, that pose is definitely challenging and I do think it might depend more on the openness of your shoulder and hip joints than anything like too short limbs. I can do the pose, but I don't have the perfect hand hold yet. Oh, and btw, in case you didn't stop back, shoelace pose is the yin form of Cow face pose- legs.
I just love your blog- I have to tell you. And you have excellent yoga (and cupcake) links, too!
Thanks for visiting me, too!

Cupcakes & Yoga said...

Funny thing is my shoulders can be crazy open if I'm doing a bind in Pigeon pose. It's just so crazy how the body works in favor for you one way and hit's a road block another way.