Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Not another etiquette lecture!

I want to keep this blog rather lighthearted but I need to gripe about something. We know the deal about Yoga Studio Etiquette, in case you are not aware, here are the most common ones:

-Turn your cellphones off
-Take off your shoes
-If late, wait until chanting is finished before you enter and set up your mat.

Here is one that I don't hear much about but it really makes my skin crawl. Picture it, class has not started yet. You and some other early comers are either sitting or laying down on your mat just relaxing, you have your eyes closed, the room is quiet. You hear the patter off bare feet entering the room, no problem. Then PLOP, PLOP, SLAP, WHIP!!!


That is the sound of someone entering the classroom and just tossing their blocks and slapping their mat to the floor. It's very loud! Rather annoying and disruptive. I wish folks would be more mindful of entering the studio, not just when you're running late. I'm sure they're not bad people. I wouldn't even go so far as calling them inconsiderate, but please don't toss your blocks around like you're at home. Unroll your mat normally and don't fling it loose like a piece of wet laundry. There are other yogis to think of.

I'm glad I let that out. I'm gonna go look at some cupcakes photos over at Flickr now.

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heather said...

ahh the mat flappers...