Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What is this called?

Just like I predicted, I went to class and was glad I did. However, I did feel a little sluggish, like my body gained 80 pounds. I hate that feeling. Focus of the class? Arm balances and hip openers.

Arm balances=boooo! Hip openers=yaaaay!

The pose we were building up to is this one here, that John is demonstrating. I swiped this picture from my studio's website. If you know the name of this pose, please let me know. Did I get my foot behind my head? No. No one did except for Lip who sat there with her foot behind her head talking to everyone like it's normal to sit that way!! I do love doing leg behind the shoulder poses. There were some other twisty arm balances we did but overall they're quite a challenge for me.

I'm gonna hop into another class tonight before I head over to my mom's for her birthday. I'm determined to get 3 classes in a week....starting next week, this week will have to settle for two.


Kaivalya said...

It's called Chakorasana in the Ashtanga yoga tradition.

Anonymous said...

The collection of arm balances in yoga is my biggest teacher right now. I was never great at them, but I loved practicing them ~ made me feel like a kid. An old arm injury that I had been previously ignoring has forced me off of them for a while (even Down Dog is off limits!), and that's been really hard. I'm struggling to accept my current limitations. Thank goodness I still have hip openers. :o)
Happy Birthday to your mom!

Total Health Yoga - Kris said...

I believe it's called Crazy Pretzel Man ;-)

rand(om) bites said...

Hehe...LOL at Kris. So gald to hear that you enjoyed the class after all :-)