Monday, July 30, 2007

Eat them before they eat you!

Happy Shark Week!!!

I live for Shark Week and this year seems like a doosey. Any excuse to post an image of Shark cupcakes from C&Y web pal Bake & Destroy.

Yoga update coming soon!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those! The kids and I first saw these right after we got home from our annual vacation on the Alabama coast (saw a baby shark washed up on shore). We hope to make these for next year's bon voyage party.

Nadine Fawell said...

Ooh, those are so cool!
You eat one of those for me, I will do some yoga in Paris for you - deal?

Regina Clare Jane said...

Look at all the cute cupcakes I have been missing! Hello dear friend! Hope you are well!

Gypsy Girl said...

Great idea. Thanks!! This is our week at the beach. The kids will love making these shark cupcakes.