Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bikram all around!

There is an office building outside my window that tells the time and temperature. Right now it is 92 degrees! I'm wondering if I should go to class tonight but that would be weak. I didn't go last week. I was still recouperating from my move and my back was killing me.

I've taken classes on hot days before. Why I'm being such a wuss today, I don't know. I'll go, I have to force myself to go and I know I will thank myself afterward. I just have to be mindful, no matter how loose my muscle get, to not over stretch. That is a complaint I hear a lot with Bikram Yoga. Your body is so warmed up, your muscles become capable of stretching beyond their limit and you won't feel the consequence and the pull until later and you're walking around with a limp. I've never done Bikram before but I have hurt myself from extreme forward bending.

Either way, don't let the heat keep you from your practice!

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rand(om) bites said...

The thought of pushing your muscle beyond the point it possibly can sounds excrutiating. I hope you do end up going anyway because 90% of the time, it's worth it and yep, thankful. It sounds like you're already mindful about not going too far as well. Power to you babe!