Sunday, June 24, 2007

Silence is Golden

I wanted to direct you to the latest entry over at Grounding Through The Sit Bones. Indulging in silence is not a new concept but I agree that it is something we tend to avoid. This is why meditating can be such a challenge sometimes. It's funny how in yoga class, I don't notice the music most of the time (unless it sucks) but I prefer to have it off during Savasana. I actually enjoy class when there is no music playing at all. Meanwhile, like a lot of other folks, I listen to my iPod to shut out everything everywhere else. I would like to take more time to just observe the "voices in my head", understand where they are coming from, and eventually shut them off too. I cling to my thoughts often.


ombites (mary) said...

Silence is such a tricky one I find because there is never truly silent. You still hear the humming of the universe :-)

I've just started listening to my mp3 player again on the bus. I kept finding that I'd hear the annoying sound of other people listening to theirs on my way to work so I'm using mine again. It's great to be inspired with new sounds again but I kinda feel a little disconnected from the world when I plug in.

I cling to my thoughts often too but love when I realise I've let them go. Especially when they're negative thoughts.

Brenda Plakans said...

It's those darn voices that I have trouble dealing with in the silence. I like to think of them, collectively, as my Inner Control Freak. They are usually rather negative and suggest I'm not working hard enough--at whatever. Thanks guys!

The CD started skipping during class last week, so I turned it off for Savasana and I think (almost) everyone liked relaxing in the silence. I'll probably do it again this week...