Thursday, June 21, 2007

C&Y Craft Goodies

I haven't had much to say lately but I wanted to pop in and say 'hello'. I mentioned in my other blog that I will be moving next week so I'm not sure how much I'll be online in the next couple of weeks. I'll still snoop around at work (who doesn't do that?) but as far as actual updates? We'll see.

I've been in a crafty kind of mood lately. A few months back I wrote an entry dedicated to green-theme cupcakes so I wanted to devote this entry to show off some neat yoga-related items featured on my favorite place to shop, Etsy.

First, my friend Flo and fellow yoga enthusiast just opened at Etsy shop, Sugar Blossom Boutique and some of the items she makes are yoga mat bags!

Up next, who raises their hand at the beginning of Savasana when the teacher ask, "Who wants an eye pillow?" I do!!! But an eye pillow can be enjoyed anywhere, and the pillows made by Small City Styles not only feel wonderful but they smell good too!

I have one and I wear it to sleep every night, of course when I wake up in the morning its on the floor from falling off my face.

Leah's Glass Creations has the CUTEST little yoga lady statues, here is one in Warrior III.

Some nice yoga art, maybe to hang up in your studio or practice space by Imagine Studios

And last but not least, yoga clothes!!!


smallcitystyles said...

Thanks for thinking of me! That eye pillow was already snatched up because of your blog entry. I'll be adding more to the current selection this weekend.

ombites (mary) said...

Thanks for the goodie links and GOOD LUCK with the move babe!

Nadine Fawell said...

Hey Marilyn!
Nice entry - sorry I have been so scarce lately, but insomnia has brought me online! Good luck with your move.

Valquria Studio said...

Lovely Yoga mat bags, great design.