Friday, June 8, 2007

Color me POOPED!

That's right, pooped! I can't think of a better way to end a week by taking a class that totally kicks your booty. I was sweating so much, my poor eyes were red at the end of class. Then on the train going home, I read an article in the latest YJ about Ayurvedic ways to take care of your eyes. Coincidence.

The instructor was just lovely. I haven't taken his class since October of last year before I got the news about my heart. For me, he is the toughest instructor I've ever had but he has the softest, sweetest, gentle voice. His overall demeanor is serenity and calm but the classes he teaches are hella hard!

I got on the scale when I got home and saw I dropped two pounds. I must say that keeping a food journal really is helpful. It really makes you think about what you're putting into your body and how you respond to it. I even found that I've lost the taste for certain foods too. Also, I always make sure I don't clean my plate, always leave food left over. I use to want to finish my meals even if I was getting stuffed but then you're not really enjoying your meal are you? It becomes work. After reading about this technique for so long, I'm really trying to take the approach of meals as a form of meditation and it does make a difference!


ombites (mary) said...

Good going with the eating babe, being more mindful does wonders! The class you took sounds hardcore but I can imagine how much you got out of it. I love when coincidences like the YJ article happen :-)

Regina Clare Jane said...

A food journal, huh? I would be so busted if anybody really knew how I ate! But it might help to get me on a better track as well! Thanks for the idea, Marilyn. Glad you had such a good class!