Monday, January 22, 2007

Yoga Injuries

The Perils of Posing.

This is a web exclusive through I like that the piece doesn't deter people from doing yoga but to practice better judgment. I mentioned previously that I sometimes fall victim to the "competitive" aspect of Yoga. Here is one part that really stood out for me:

How do they get injured?
There are two scenarios I see frequently. One is that a group of girlfriends gets together, and one woman says to another, "Come to my yoga class." The woman who extended the invitation has been doing yoga a while, and the friend who comes along finds herself in a class that's too advanced for her. She ends up in our office.

I have seen this quite a bit in the past. I would be afraid to try something that may be a bit out of my league. It would not hurt the more experienced Yogi friend to take a beginner class with the friend. For yoga, a practice is a practice and you should be grateful for any time you can get on the mat.

This is another reminder that ultimately, the body is in control and our mind has to listen and not be so stubborn.

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