Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blossoming Cupcake & Quickie Class

Vanilla strawberry cupcake.
Originally uploaded by AnneRosso.
AnneRosso wonders if she should have eaten the petals? Why the heck not? Maybe dab some of that yummy frosting on it for good measure. What you don't see is there is strawberry jelly inside!

Tonight I'm taking a "Yoga Express" class at OM Yoga. OM is a studio it seems like I only go to once a year. Levitate Yoga is my regular studio. I just really want to practice today and it's hard to find a decently scheduled yoga class in the evening for a 9 to 5 commuter. You would think in New York City with the 9,583,138 yoga studios on this one little island I would find something but nope. This class is the closest so why not? Actually there are only three studios that I feel at home taking classes in: Levitate Yoga, OM Yoga, and Jivamukti.

Finding the time to take a class is really challenging. I cannot commit myself to practice at home, I just can't. I've tried and I get stuck on what I should do next. I prefer to have someone tell me what to do. DVD's are an option but it's one of those things where once I enter my apartment I do not want to do anything, especially when coming home from work. I like the setting of a classroom and having a place to go with the intention of practicing, good stuff!

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