Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Do Yoga! Not Botox!

Yoga For Detox: Latest Trend In Beauty

"Think of your body like a dirty washcloth," said Malzone. "As you twist, it's like you're wringing out the toxins from your body."

This article is a short piece but it gets the point across. Not only does twisting rinse out the bad stuff, but it also helps in digestion which in turn can get rid of more bad stuff. They also mention how wide-legged forward bends are good for the kidneys too, which I didn't know.

One of my favorite instructors is actually an older woman and her body is so incredibly amazing and she has the most perfect skin. You can look at women like, I guess you can say "celebrity" yoga personalities, like Cyndi Lee and Sharon Gannon and they are stunning! They're not in their 20s but they radiate a natural beauty that you can't find in a bottle.

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