Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Express Yoga Class

Even after four years, I still approach taking a new class in a different studio as a beginner. The class I took last night was pretty good (although I might have pulled something). I went into the class at OM worried that I'll be the worst student there. I look at the other girls setting up their mats and measure how much smaller they are than me. Total insecurity!!! I do this every time I go to a new studio. What ends up happening? I do pretty darn well! Where other people start to wobble, I'm solid. When the instructor offers to take an advance to a pose, I do it.

This is not me tooting my own horn or measuring how much better I am than others. It's about me giving myself some credit. I need to acknowledge that I am good at yoga and I have nothing to be ashamed about. So what if my arms are a little thicker or hips are a little wider! It's one thing to be humble, but what I find myself doing is not give myself any credit at all and just knock myself down. I'm horrible at praising myself. Whether it's yoga, writing, photography, my day job, I just can't take praise very well. This sounds like a job for Svadhyaya! Reflective self-study. Yoga can help one become more comfortable in their skin but for some (ie: me), I guess it may take a little longer than it might for others.

Now what's this about me pulling something. There was some twisting involved and I think I might have twisted a little too much. Right now I'm just feeling a tolerable pinch on my lower left back. I hope I'm feeling better by Thursday. I did like this class a lot. It's good schedule-wise, and the format of it being a 'practice on the go' is just what I need. I think I'll go back next week. Too bad it's not closer to my job but I can get over that. They did a very nice chant at the end, it was in English not Sanskrit, asking for all beings to be happy and free and without suffering. A nice way to close the session.


yogaglamgirl said...

Kudos to you for acknowledging yourself. I think it is always unsettling going into a new class, but amazing how much can be learned. I hope your lower back feels better. I'm not sure if this will help, but there's a door stretch I sometimes do when I feel like my back is compressed somewhere...I did a post about it a while back:

Veronica TM said...

it is so good that you can appreciate yourself and give yourself credit for what you do. i always try to thank my body for allowing me to practice. but the insecurity happens to everybody. what i do is try to not use the words good or bad {they always get me in trouble}.
love to hear about your yoga journey!

Regina Clare Jane said...

I'm visiting here from YogaGlamGirl- I love the combination of cupcakes and yoga- what could be better! I just started taking classes in a studio after having a devoted home practice for about 6 years or so (and still do)- and I admit the reason I didn't go for an outside practice is because of what you are talking about here. I am pleasantly surprised though, how well I have done in having a home practice, and I don't feel so intimidated. I am even thinking of trying an Ashtanga studio!
Kudos to yo for tooting your own horn! If you don't - who will?!
You have a wonderful website!