Monday, August 4, 2008

Tip Jar????


In the beginning of 2008, I accept a buyout from my 9 to 5 employer (sign of the times) and my last day was Friday, August 1st. Instead of being a Gloom & Doom Nelly, I'm using this time to pursue the things I enjoy the most and see where it takes me; making jewelry and blogging. Because this isn't the type of blog that has many flashy, animated advertisements (and I wish to keep it that way), I'm leaving a little tip jar for anyone who wishes to donate. No minimum has been set, 1 cent will make my day! Consider it a Cupcake Finding Fund, or a Caring Karma Kudos to the site. I would love to keep this blog going. I continue to be contacted by folks hoping to get a plug for a book, cd and I want to help as much as I can.

So today is my first day of unemployment in over six years and right now I'm feeling pretty ok with it. I started the morning with a couple of Sun Salutations and standing poses just to get my joints to wake up a little. Then I went out for a little walk and enjoy the morning weather. I prefer the mornings when it is still quiet and cool out, not as crazy.

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