Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cupcake Flickr Finds #5

I think I'm up to number 5, we'll just leave it at 5.....

Cupcake Flickr Finds #5

1. top cake lovesand, 2. cupcake tower lovesand, 3. Various Deco Tapes, 4. Cupcakes, 5. Val-cakes, 6. among "good friend", 7. A Sweet Giveaway!!, 8. Buttercream Frosting, 9. Chocolate Ganache, 10. Figurines Cupcakes, 11. Green Tree Frog Cupcake, 12. who knew bats could be cute, 13. Bobo Brothers Monkey Cupcakes, 14. Rescue Pack Cupcake, 15. Iguana Cupcake and Tail, 16. Go, Diego, Go Inspired Cupcake Cake

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1 comment:

Pink Heels said...

Where can I purchase #1 and #2? I love cherry blossoms! It would be perfect for my birthday at the end of this year.