Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cozy Winter Yoga

The other night the city was cold, wet, snowy, and pretty messy. I was certain it was going to be a small class but it turned out a lot of folks showed up. I was glad. It was a wonderful, winter night's class. To see the snow falling outside was so calming, even in a revolved Triangle.

One of the things we worked on, which I have not done in a while, was Tripod Headstand. I can't remember if I have posted about this pose before, I am sure I have but I can't seem to find it. I'm not very good at tagging my entries. Anyway, I love going upside down but I was not distributing my weight properly in this pose. My neck was really hurting afterward. Unlike regular Sirsasana A, in Sirsasana B your head IS feeling some of the weight but it shouldn't feel all of it. Anyone have any insight to share? Where can I find a good balance in this pose?

The best part of the class was Savasana, I know that's the best part of every class, but in this case, the snow and frozen was tapping on the window and to me it sounded like the crackle of a fireplace. I laid there with my blanket over me and enjoyed every moment, it made it much easier to be present.


Total Health Yoga - Kris said...

I, too, love standing upside down. However, over the years with increasing neck and shoulder discomfort I'm wondering just how smart standing on our heads is--or hand balances for that matter. The body was not designed to put all of our weight upside down or on our hands for that matter.
With that said, you might try first finding that place of center by placing a block on your head. Slowly come up and down on your toes in Mountain/Tadasana and see if the block stays. When it does you can feel pretty good about knowing where your center is.
Love, Kris

Everyday Yogini said...

I completely agree with Kris on finding center and getting a feel for that. Also, when you are upside down, the back of the neck should feel long and there will definitely be weight on those hands- more than on the head.

I love your blog! I too, love cupcakes, and I adore Yoga! :)

lauren said...

Try imagining that you are pushing away the floor with your heads as opposed to just resting your hands on the floor, when you envision and actually PUSH the floor away you gain length in the neck and you create space for the neck; you are also then leaving a lot less weight for your head. Give it a go and take care!