Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Shiva in Full Lotus
Padmasana was the focus of last night's class. I struggle with this one even though I have pretty open hips, this one doesn't quite work out for me. I only go so far as tucking the bottom foot over the opposite knee. No matter because when that was announced I thought, "WOOHOO HIP OPENERS!" which I live for. Little did I know that some serious ab work was going to come into play as we also worked on full lotus standing on our heads and twisting left and right, brining the knees down and back up. I was getting a little wobbly at the end as I am not use to standing on my head for more than maybe 10 breaths. As far as the pose itself, I don't know if mechanically I can achieve this pose, honestly I'm not gonna sweat it too much.

I'm a little excited to plan a little one-day yoga get away in June out to The Hamptons...ooh la la! My studio has one day retreats during the summer out in the Hamptons and last year I didn't go to any but this year I will. Even though it's a two hour train ride out from Manhattan, I really want to go and just enjoy a day of poolside yoga. I should try to do more outdoor yoga this summer. I've never done it before. I hear it comes with different challenges to face (ie: wind blowing, sun in your face, um...birds chirping). It's gonna be pretty cool.


ombites (mary) said...

WOW, I haven't even been past crossed legged yet, let alone lotus and then to go on your head! I find yoga really amazing and love hearing, seeing, reading about all the different levels people are at.

The Hamptons sounds like bliss. Can't wait to hear about it when you go.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Practicing outdoors sounds like so much fun but then I think about the ants and the bees and everything else that I don't like about being outdoors...
But I am glad you are going to experience a little yoga bliss and what better place? The Hamptons!

Megan said...

I haven't been able to even do 1/2 lotus in 2 years! My hips are locked! :) I'm working on that.

The last part of your post made me think of John Denver, and I thought that would make you laugh! (It did me)
"Sunshine... On my shoulders makes me haappyyyy!"