Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I blame the burgers

I could not get it together for class last night. My body felt tired and very sluggish which surprised me. I was feeling fine all day until I had to do some actual WORK. I couldn't do a handstand, I kept kicking and kicking and plopping back down. It was a good class but brawn beat out the brains I guess and it said "No more work, sleep!". I think coming back from a long weekend of not doing much, bbq, and tired calves from my trip to Wave Hill got the best of me. I hope to take another class tomorrow. I gotta get my energy back.

I haven't had much to write about lately, I've been kind of introspective as of late. Still reading Light On Yoga and absorbing what that entails. I will share a photo I took this past weekend..

They look like a pair of eyes looking back at you!


Small City Styles said...

There are some days that I have yoga and I'm just not into it. I think about all these reasons why I should stay home, but guilt usually gets me there. At the end of class on those days, I'm always so glad I went. It is amazing how the brain can convince your body you should stay home :)
However, there are days when your mind and body agree that home is the better place to be!

ombites (mary) said...

You'll get your energy back! I find it hard after having some time off too to get back into anything. I have to get myself a copy of Light on Yoga! Gorgeous photo :-)