Thursday, October 16, 2008

Surya Yoga cupcakes

I absolutely love Flickr, anything you want to find, you will find it here. Sometimes finding something related to both yoga and cupcakes can be a challenge but every now and then something pops up.

Here is the link:

I am just impressed with the grass, sand, shells and eventually the yummy looking ocean, I'll have one of those!


Felicity Bell said...

That is absolutely the cuteness. :o)

Tiff said...

omigod, these cupcakes are adorable!

JoeyB said...

If you are ever in Seattle then come to the Ashram. Hot Yoga like you've never had it. I've never had a yoga cupcake...Yummm. Namaste. -John

Jac said...

Hi ya

Candy (that's her name) my yoga student made it for me. We had early morning yoga at the beach and she brought it over with refreshments. It's good to see her lovely cupcakes in your blog. Will let her know about it.

Ps Nice blog


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Raghav Singh said...

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