Monday, March 3, 2008

PSA: Sponsorships

I am trying to find new ways to support myself while I figure which direction I wish to take on this journey called 'life'. I decided to offer ad space using Project Wonderful. It works like an auction. You set up an account and you can bid on an advertisement space. The beauty of this is you pay only what you wish to pay. I have the opening bid set up at zero so you can bid as low as 1 cent!!!!Your ad will be up as long as you're the highest bidder.

The great thing is I control what ads are placed and I want to keep it Yoga and Cupcake (Bakery) related. So if you are a small business, yoga studio, yoga teacher with a retreat coming up, fellow blogger looking for more visits, etc., this is for you! Maybe you'll even get featured! Face it, buying advertising on the internet can be pretty expensive.

This is coming at a time where I find myself having to cancel my monthly membership to the yoga studio I belong to because the cost is just getting to be too much for me. I am going to take a stab at developing a home practice. I practiced yesterday morning but it was pretty discombobulated.

Anyone with a regular home have some tips to share please do! How long do you practice for? Do you use a DVD? Yoga Today? A book/magazine?


Kai said...

Home practice: I find it's easier to practice if I have some sense of what I'm doing before I step on the mat. For me, doing the Ashtanga Primary series gives me that sense of direction. But there are lots of options for this: DVDs can be helpful as can some of the free podcasts/videocasts (Yoga Today, etc). I love Rodney Yee's book 'Moving Toward Balance' (it's an eight week programme of yoga practices you can do at home). You can also create your own sequences, write ahead of time. I also find it's useful to set an 'appointment' for my practice, much as I would for a class. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

keep me posted on the whole advertisement thing. this is what I will want to advertise:
Classical Music Broadcast

I do a DVD at home - I haven't lived near enough to a school in 5 years.
Yes, its hard, and no, I don't do it regularly enough, but I like the Yoga Zone DVDs

Linda (Sama) said...

great idea! I was also thinking of ads for my blog....

scoliyogi said...

Hi this is _ishtahar_ off LJ (soliyogi on here!) just to say I emailed you a class plan last night. Hope it helps.

annabella said...

Hi there! I practice ashtanga as well, so when I practice at home it's easy to follow. One nice thing about working with the ashtanga series is that you always know what to do next.

This is not traditionally ashtanga, but if I'm having trouble focusing I'll put music on, or even the news. I am an ashtanga criminal?

On another note - I think I'm going to Sugar Sweet Sunshine for the first time soon! I'm a Buttercup girl so this is very exciting.

Ovidia said...

Hi, I'm trying to build up a home practice too--even with Ashtanga I am finding it difficult at times--(eg I don't have 2 hours to practice & shower so I shouldn't start) but DVD's (David Swenson's short forms) helped--I put on a 30 min or 45 min practice to get me started then hit the pause button & proceed on my own.
And I've found that using a timer for savasana really helps!
Hope this works out for you--just found your blog & love the name!

Anonymous said...

I have been relegated to keeping my practice at home for the past 4 years (for geographic & cost reasons). I even practiced through my first pregnancy with some great pre-natal DVDs! I have found that David Swenson's first series DVD is good, and the short forms, too. I'm looking for some new DVD titles to "freshen-up" my collection (so keep us up to date with an good finds, please!). I am a runner, and I find that my home practice is like my running- it thrives when I have a sort of 'set schedule' so it becomes a priority like anything else. I think you'll find that finding the right mix of books & dvds will keep you feeling zen.
I love your blog. I also love cupcakes.

Vegyogini said...

It's interesting that you mentioned this because I always wonder to myself why I don't have a home practice. The main reason is that I feel such a sense of community in my regular yoga classes that I just go to those instead of practicing at home. On the rare occasion when I do practice at home, I use the White Lotus Foundation's "Total Yoga" DVD.

patti flynn said...

i live out in the middle of nowhere and i have a home practice.

i LOVE doing yoga at home and alone.

i get to really vary the pace according to what i need at the time.....if i want to hang around in a pose for longer because it feels good, i have the freedom to do that.
i am not distracted by anyone or anything and i can really focus.

i have a mat, some props, some dvds.
i make a space in my office and put a dvd on the computer and i am ready to go.

i really looove being able to do some gentle yoga late at night and then just roll straight into bed for an amazing night's sleep.

good luck with your home practice....i hope you enjoy it!