Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You don't have to love it.

THANK YOU for the comments in my last entry. It seems like most people I encounter online and offline are in agreement with me on the Partner issue. So who exactly likes Partner Yoga??? I guess that will be an ongoing issue. I absolutely love getting comments and hearing from others.

Class last night was so nice. Most of the focus was on the shoulder blades (or the Pork Chops as my teacher likes to call them). My back is going to be sore tomorrow I just know it. Maybe not tomorrow, in two days my back will be sore. We were in headstand for a while too. I think at this point I can do a 3 minute headstand. It may not sound long, but time slows down when you're upside down. =P

I will say this, in 2008 I will OWN Supta Virasana. Unlike "Partner Yoga" which I would be totally ok with never doing again, Supta Virasana is the pose I have been working on. I have been doing a series of stretches before class and I have to say I am starting to notice a difference, especially today.

I still use five props for this pose, I don't think I will ever get to the point where I lay completely flat on my back but I do find it easier to let go and not cling to anything. There are poses I have difficulty doing, but instead of just saying "I don't like that pose! I'm not gonna do it anymore!" I rather understand why I don't like it, and how can I make it so I can be civil with it, I don't have to love it.


Jenny said...

I just looked up the pose you are working on since I don't know all the names yet, and how funny that in Bikram yoga, that one is always challenging for me. I get so nervous about my knees that I'm afraid to lay flat on my back. Interesting, they have props for you to use. Guess that's not an option in the Bikram version!

Good luck with it, I'll be working on that one along with the tree/toe stand (padangustasana), it drives me nuts that I can't balance it!

andrea said...

hi there! i just ran across your blog and wanted to let you know i really like it! i've added you to my reader :-)

yay for cupcakes and yay for yoga!

Peris said...

I have just started a very basic yoga class the last few months. And dont know much of anything but I have really enjoyed your blog. It makes me laugh and really think its okay to not get everything about yoga. Thanks for being so down to earth...and my weakness is cupcakes too.

Nadine Fawell said...

Good on you! Supta Vira here you come...
And now, my views on partner yoga - can't remember whether I commented on your last post! It's a great diversion, but if it pulls you out of unifying YOUR mind, body and heart (in you, not with another!) it ain't yoga anymore. So don't feel bad if you don't like it!


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