Friday, January 4, 2008

Another Partner Yoga Rant

Ok maybe not a "rant" per se. I went to class last night and a good portion of it was partner work *cringe!!* Actually it was not that bad but there were some things I opted out of doing (ie: dropbacks). I have mentioned in the past that I don't care for partner yoga and this class has not changed the way I feel. I was a good sport about it but I would have preferred a regular practice. In fact, I am liking partner yoga less and less.

I am not squeamish about others touching me or worried about hurting anyone, I am very strong and careful with others, but I feel like I don't get that in return. I don't have confidence in my yogi classmates, there I said it! I'm sure they mean well. Basically, I handle others the way my instructors handle me in adjustments. Why can't everyone else be that way? C'mon! Get rough with me alittle!

It sucks because what can you do? If the instructors annouces at the beginning of class that you're going to be doing partner stuff, do you get up leave? I didn't want to leave, I wanted to practice! And I like the teacher! I don't want to be a sourpuss either and not participate. I guess this was just another example of putting my pride asside and helping out a fellow-yogi, which I think I did. There were some things I helped them do that they never did before like coming out of Crow into a Handstand so I guess that my lesson in for the evening.


Kaivalya said...

I've run into this issue a lot as a teacher. It's never a gray area; students either love partner yoga, or they hate it. I finally gave up teaching partner yoga themed classes, because those always seem to go over poorly and instead I chose to intersperse the occasional partner yoga exercise into my regular classes. It was certainly interesting for me to read your perspective! Thanks for the thoughts!

Cupcakes & Yoga said...

I know it can be frustrating as a teacher because no matter how precise you give your instruction, not everyone is going to get it. It's hard to read everyone in the room.

Anonymous said...

I once left a class when it was announced that it was going to be partner yoga. I think that it is something that should be announced ahead of time- like the week before in class or in email or on the studio's website. In this case, the class was a very predictable integral yoga class that had a substitute teacher. I had actually been excited to try a new teacher, but not the partner yoga.

rand(om) bites said...

It's pretty cool that you worked through it. I remember you talking about this once before. I don't really like the whole partner yoga thing either and my issue is more my weight/size, still. I should get over it really.

Jenny said...

Hi Marilyn,
Too funny about the partner yoga. I definately wouldn't be into that.

I just happened to find your blog about a week or so ago love the combo of yoga and cupcakes!

I just started Bikram Yoga about 6 months ago and I am wanting to try other types out there, however I don't know much about any others. Any suggestions?

Emma said...

I've never been in a partner yoga situation. I don't think they do it at my studio. And I have to say I'm glad.

I agree with the person who said it should be announced the week before or something. I would be very uncomfortable suddenly finding out we were doing it.

I like the people who attend classes at my studio, but partner yoga just doesn't appeal to me...

Susu said...

I used to teach aerobics and I know that it is a tricky issue to deal with when clients come in for one thing, and find another instead. I'd say that it is the center's job to communicate e.g. on their website about the unusual events. But that takes time, and dedication.

Also, wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! I've been coming over on your site for a while and I find it uplifting - an interesting combination, goodies and spiritual well-being - and a very clever one. Being honest with ourselves, we have those both sides in us, and need both.

I started yoga last fall, but I'm still waiting to find the real pleasure in it. Hope it'll come.

Paula said...

I have been practicing and teaching yoga for years, and I can't stand partner yoga. I have never found it useful or enlightening for my own practice, but merely awkward and lumpy and impractible. When it happens I try to see it as a zen challenge, but that's the only positive spin I can put on it.

drawer queen said...

Partner yoga should be left to a workshop situation, not a regular class. I am with you. I do not trust the other people. When we do partner stuff in workshops I make a beeline for the teachers in the workshop that I know and trust. I don't need to be dropped on my head or pull something because my partner doesn't know what they are doing.

miz_g said...

ooo I hate partner yoga. I've gotten some good stretches in that way, but it's not worth it. Our teacher got so frustrated with our inability to follow his exact instructions that he YANKED my arm skyward and I yelped loudly. just not what I was expecting. the whole energy of the room changes to chaos.

Gypsy Girl said...

I have been practicing partner yoga for World Yoga Practice Month with my husband. I have been trying to get him involved in yoga for quite some time and it has never worked before. But he hasd committed to try it for this month and I do have to say we are having great fun with it.
As Paula said in her comment "it's awkward, lumpy and impractical" She is absolutely right.
I would never want to do it in a class situation.
But my husband is sticking with it so far, we're having a lot of laughs and he is actually enjoying yoga!!!
He is going to try a Baron Baptiste power vinyasa workout with me tomorrow!!
So I guess parnter yoga is good for something!!!

Linda (Sama) said...

As a teacher I would absolutely NOT do a partner yoga class. In the first place, everyone comes to class with their own issues for the day, me included! Maybe someone doesn't feel like talking in the class that day, maybe someone is recuperating from an illness that day and wants to be left alone. Who am I to force people to be together? In my mind, that's arrogant.

as a student, I agree with everyone else who says that they don't trust the other students insofar as safety issues. no one knows my body better than I do, not a yoga teacher and certainly not another yoga student, so don't ask anyone to "help" me with a pose. I don't need any help.

I think it is only appropriate in workshop situations with experienced and seasoned teachers, not newbie teachers -- no offense to any new teachers out there, but hey, ya gotta earn your chops before you touch my body.

Yoga Clothing said...

Partner Yoga can be practiced with a friend, lover, gym buddy-- even your child. It can be practiced indoors, outdoors, in a group-- even on a beach.