Sunday, October 14, 2007

Time for sweets!

It is a lazy Sunday and it has been almost a month since my last cupcake entry and you deserve one since you have been soooo sweet to me in my occasional emotional breakdowns I have on here.

First, I discovered a new cupcake blog!

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in New Jersey.

Also on the blog front, one of my new FAVORITE blogs has posted a Carrot Cupcake recipe. I love Girl Wanders, she inspires me to cook more if only I can kick my boyfriend out of the kitchen. He doesn't trust me near a stove or with knives.


Asana Bear said...

Do guys make cupcakes or just eat them? I do both, but my buddies look at me a little odd at times.

tara said...

ha ha! that's a shame, because your red velvet cupcakes are so yummy. you should tie him up to an immobile object so he can't interrupt your baking sessions.

Cupcakes & Yoga said...

Actually he does leave the baking up to me (which I haven't done for a while, maybe for our next party) but as far as cooking actual meals is concerned, that's his department.