Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Forget the Tofurkey! How about baking a Turkey Cake instead? Wow!

I was so set on taking a class tonight but that little voice in my head is telling me no. The little voice in my leg actually is saying it. I'm not limping around or feeling anything (at the moment) but my hip is being testy with me. I **could** try to practice at home over the long weekend. Lots of twisting to help me digest all the food I'll be eating. Maybe laying off the forward bends until next week.

Ok, I won't go to class tonight.


rand(om) bites said...

Happy Thanksgiving hon, I hope you enjoy your long weekend! Take a break, easy. You can go to class next week :-)

Arturo said...

Your blog is amusing and entertaining. I might be diametrically different with respect to desserts. I won't pine for cookies, my weakness, since I write about yoga and calorie restriction. I can't say I have the same passion you do for cupcakes, but it's probably because when I was growing up I would have wanted to eat a big slice of cake with a lot of frosting and the frosting on a cupcake seemed like not enough goop. hehe. Happy Holidays, oh, and congratulations on your 15 minutes (seconds?) of fame on yogadawg's site. It is a hilarious site and it's good someone can poke fun at yoga. If you visit my blog, you might lose weight!