Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I went to yoga last night, the first time in two weeks! My teacher, Lippy, gave me a few tips on what to do to take care of my hip in forward bends (ie: roll up a blanket and folder over that). I didn't go crazy with the forward bending. I have an excellent forward bend where my palms can lay flat on the ground and my forehead touches my knee but last night I checked my ego at the door and used blocks, blocks, and more blocks. Even in Trikonasana I used blocks.

My teacher has now forbidden me from using my right leg to kick up into Handstand. =*( It's my "A side", my left leg gets neglected a lot. So I tried to kick up with my left leg and it truly is like learning how to do a handstand all over again. Kinda sucks but I understand why I must do it, balance baby! It's crazy how you can get your body to move a certain way on one side but when you try the other side you are completely lost and your legs are just flaring out like crazy.

It was nice to be back in class. The anti-inflammatories I was taking for my hip did the trick and I haven't felt any pain in about a week. I may refill the prescription and just keep it in the cabinet in case it flares up again. The doctor thinks that's enough to do the trick. I'll stick with that.


Total Health Yoga - Kris said...

I had the same experience when kicking up with my opposite leg! Freaky! I love the comment, "I checked my ego at the door." Mind if I use it?
Take care,

rand(om) bites said...

Great to read your able to go back to classes hon! It's also good to read that you are working with your teacher to find ways to work around it. I'm surprised how many people don't tell their teachers about injuries (I'm discovering that in the Yoga Anatomy classes I'm taking). The ego can sure be a debilitating thing.