Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm not bad, I'm just built that way.

I was totally going to let my Yoga Journal subscription run out. I was done! No more! I wasn't going to get frustrated with the blatant commercialization of that rag! And then I read the latest issue which arrived in the mail and in it is an article about my nemisis, Supta Virasana and why it is bliss for some and torture for others. It's absolute torture for me. It was enlightening. It helped me understand what may be going on structurally with me. I don't want to say what's "wrong" with me because that's just the way I'm made, with a short Rectus Femoris blah! I wonder if having tight hamstrings is related to this as well? *shrug* It recommended stretches like Frog (one leg at a time) so I may do that before class this evening. So it was a good read. You win this round YJ!

I took a class last Thursday which really wore me out. I don't like classes like that. I'm suppose to feel energized, not silently begging for Child's Pose....I know I can take Child's Pose any time I wish but my Ego was running the show that class. Anyway, the teacher did adjustments on me that I just did not like. I don't mind adjustments but I want to learn from them too. Don't just move me around because it looks pretty, show me something! She was pulling me back in Reverse Triangle and I'm wondering "What are you doing???" and lost my balance, thanks. Now that I've made that public here, I can let that go.

So totally not yoga-related, or it could be depending on your point of view, the Holidays are coming and it can be a stressful time for a lot of people. Pressure is put on us for gift giving and who to give and what. Why not try something this year and support the little man?

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

The above is a listing of Craft-related, handmade shops and sellers who have pledged to buy Handmade items for the holidays instead of big department stores. Websites like Etsy, DaWanda and Indie Collective are wonderful places to start.


Anonymous said...

That's funny--I tried to let my Yoga Journal subscription run out, for the same reasons you cite, and it mysteriously got renewed! However, I limit myself to the anatomy and practice articles, and try to ignore the ads and the fashion layouts and all that.

Mary said...

I was feeling a little dubious about the past couple of issues of YJ. It does seem to be full of ads but it's great when you find something really useful or go back to one that didn't mean much at the time, but does now. I haven't got the latest issue yet. I better check what's happening with my sub.

I know what you mean about the ego, it can be so darn cheeky sometimes too!