Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What kind of Yogi Are You?

I'm a Hippie Yogi!

A Hippie Yogi

When you're not doing yoga or marching in protests, you divide your time between
hugging trees and flashing peace signs at people you don't know. You truly
care about the world around you and take action to make it a better place for
everyone to enjoy--including your furry friends. You're warm, welcoming,
and a lot of fun.

Be careful, however, not to let your dedication to your cause alone determine your
actions--take time for yourself every now and then, too. Everything in moderation
will make you more balanced in your yoga practice and in your life.

Take the Yoga Journal Yoga Snob Quiz!

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Thanks Yoga Journal for that thought provoking quiz. Honestly, I had a hard time answering most of those questions as I felt like none of the answer options really suited me. I know some of you have a gripe with YJ and I can totally understand why. This ridiculous quiz, at least I think it is, just goes to show that there's a population out there that they're still not targeting. Maybe this was suppose to be taken as a joke but I thought it was a bit silly.

Here is some of MY REAL answers:

  • How do you choose a yoga class?
    I read the class description, if it is at a studio I have never been to before, I may take one level lower than I am use to taking.

  • What kind of water bottle do you bring to class?
    A Poland Spring bottle that I refill at the water cooler at my job so I save money.

  • What song always puts you in the mood to bust out a yoga pose?
    There isn't any.

  • What’s your favorite drink for rehydration after yoga?

  • What do you before class while you’re waiting for your teacher to arrive?
    I'll stretch a little bit, then I will meditate.

  • Who are your closest friends?
    The ones I grew up with.

  • It’s your birthday: What do you ask for?
    Something from my Amazon Wishlist.

  • Monday, August 27, 2007


    Bild 252
    Originally uploaded by o´holysweet!
    lemon yoghurt cupcake
    vanilla cream frosting

    The title is suppose to sound like Bono singing that god awful song from Zooropa.

    I have been taking it easy since my last entry. Haven't don't much physical activity due to my hip. I haven't taken any classes at all. The discomfort is still there and I feel like the anti-inflammatories are not doing much for me.

    I'm also fighting off a cold, ugh.

    I hope to take a class tomorrow and see if I can get any tips for taking care of my hip. I don't think external rotations are much of a problem for me but I definitely don't want to do anything to flare things up. But I need to practice! My body is screaming for it. In the meantime I have been creating a bunch of stuff for my Etsy shop. I don't bring that up much here because I'm too busy plugging it everywhere else but that's what's I've been doing.

    Hope all of you are well!

    Tuesday, August 21, 2007

    Hip Update

    Originally uploaded by Marilyn P. Sushi
    Sorry I have not posted in a few days. I've been meaning to. There is just not enough time in the day. So the latest news is the doctor thinks what's wrong with my hip is Bursitis. This will not be confirmed until I get the x-rays done which won't be until early next month.

    From WebMd:
    Bursitis is the inflammation or irritation of the bursa. The bursa is a sac filled with lubricating fluid, located between tissues such as bone, muscle, tendons, and skin, that decreases rubbing, friction, and irritation.

    So if this continues without it being addressed, the sac could burst and I'll have bone grinding on bone and I definitely don't want that. Right now I'm taking anti-inflammatories and laying off the physical activities. I only feel discomfort when I'm walking, not when I'm in a hip opener which is odd but I still won't push it.

    So what's with this picture? I wanted to share this after it was emailed to me from Megan from Fleeting Moments. The two photos were taken by me and she's displaying in her meditation room. I feel so honored. :)

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Oh my hip

    Sometimes the weirdest things happen when you least expect it. Saturday I was walking to the hospital to visit my new Sweat Pea niece and I noticed as I was walking that my right hip was kind of bugging me. This isn't the first time this has happened. In the last year, I think, I've been noticing little annoyances with my right hip here and there but I usually let it pass and attribute it to getting old. Since this past Saturday, the pain has not let up. I do not recall doing anything funky in Shri's class Thursday to trigger it, unless it's some kind of delayed reaction(?). As of now, I'm gonna give it another week to go away, it's foolish I know but that's just my logic. This morning walking to work was really bad but it wore off. It's coming and going right. I feel ok now I just got up to throw something in the garbage and it's still there. To be safe, no class tonight. I hope to take a Level 1 class tomorrow and just lay off the hips. If this doesn't go away then I may have to see a doctor about it.

    Again, sometimes I think it is just a sign of old age. I'm 32, sure not "old" but my body can't do the things it use to (ie: walk all over the island of Manhattan and not feel the least bit tired). I am not the greatest when it comes to taking vitamins to keep my bones strong, maybe I should start because I really don't want to be an achy old lady later on down the line and kick myself for not taking better care of my body when I was younger.

    Thursday, August 9, 2007

    cheeky cupcakes 2

    cheeky cupcakes 2
    Originally uploaded by Choc-a-holic
    I saw this and could not resist, how funny! I like the one with the sunburnt cheeks.

    I wanna thank everyone who left kind comments in my last entry. I've been hesitant to post pictures of myself but I went for it and I'm glad I did.

    Unless my sister-in-law has her baby tonight, I plan to take a class taught by Shri from Paper or Dysplastic. She just started teaching again since her surgery. She was trained at Jivamukti so I'm in the mood to move dammit! Talk about adjustments, Shri's adjustments are very, very good. She can put her hands on me all she wants. :)

    Monday, August 6, 2007


    Bakasana (Crow Pose)
    Originally uploaded by Marilyn P. Sushi
    Does this Crow make my butt look big? It's funny when you look at yourself doing a pose, you look for what's wrong with it. Right now I'm thinking my butt is too high and my chest isn't forward enough.

    Plus my legs are crazy pale!

    Friday, August 3, 2007

    Tonight's class

    Soooooooooo good! Just what I needed. It was one of those classes where I felt so in tuned with my mind and body. I so desperately needed this. I was constantly reminding myself of the gift I was given to have the chance to practice today. Honestly though, I'm too tired to come up with any substance of entry, so here is an elephant on a cupcake.

    Wednesday, August 1, 2007

    Bad Yoga Date

    Last night was a first. I walked out of a class. It was not because I hated it, it was a good class but my body decided not to show up and my head preferred to start throbbing and to distort my vision...in the middle of class! I lasted an hour before I just couldn't anymore. I was getting angry and my teacher was being especially touchy feely with me. Very bad timing on her part but how was she to know? Which leads me to ask, how do you handle it when an instructor is doing an adjustment you're just not getting what they're doing? You feel nothing except tugging and pulling and you wanna say "That's not working! My bone doesn't move that way."

    I hope to take another class tomorrow. I'm feeling better today but I thought I'd take it easy. The summer sucks so much energy out of me. Especially in the city where the humidity is just disgusting.

    The latest YJ has an article about home practices. I, like many folks, have difficulty practing at home so I read this with great interest. I really want to try it. I understand that I don't have to mimick my teachers and sure, it's ok if I only want to do poses that I really like and avoid the ones I really dislike coughsuptavirasanacough. Gypsy Girl also wrote the most loveliest entry on her blog about discoving your home practice. Go read!