Sunday, December 31, 2006

About Cupcakes & Yoga

Cupcakes & Yoga started January 2007 and has developed into not only a self-exploration of Yoga and sharing love of Cupcakes, but into a community where others share their experience, knowledge, and taste buds...ok that last part doesn't sound right. But it is a community regardless that is gaining readership by the day.

Let's face it, we call it a yoga "practice" not "perfection", we're NEVER gonna get it right, so let's have some fun and enjoy the journey and indulge ourselves. Besides, how do you think Buddha got such a big belly?

Zen Cupcakes, he told me so.

Cupcakes & Yoga continues to be a blog detailing personal experience but it also features dessert recipes, book reviews, and whatever else fits the C&Y mold.


Beginning August 2008, I accept a buyout from my 9 to 5 employer (sign of the times) but instead of being a Gloom & Doom Nelly, I'm using this time to pursue the things I enjoy the most and see where it takes me; making jewelry and blogging. Because this isn't the type of blog that has many flashy, animated advertisements (and I wish to keep it that way), I'm leaving a little tip jar for anyone who wishes to donate and keep the blog going. Consider it a Cupcake Finding Fund, or a Caring Karma Kudos to the site.


If you are interested in being featured at Cupcakes & Yoga (ie: share a recipe, promote a book/movie, business), or if you are a business related to yoga or desserts and you want to promote a special offer for C&Y readers, please contact me at yogacupcake @

Don't forget about the tip jar! :)